And everything changes

I have an interview for a luxury PR firm in London tomorrow.



Okay, so it’s an intern position, and yes I am now technically a graduate, but this is still big, big news. 

Firstly, I have done a lot of research into PR and it really sounds like something that would suit me, the only question is, would I suit it?

It’s not all glamorous, no, but getting this internship could be my key to getting into a company at entry level. And if it isn’t, well, I’ll definitely learn a lot about the industry!

So I’m really nervous, and very very excited for tomorrow.

The two biggest questions that are currently haunting me are:

1. What shall I wear?

2. Will I be really nervous, clammy and quiet when I get there?

The answer to both of these questions probably won’t be answered until early tomorrow morning, so I’ve got a fair bit of worrying to do today.

I’m feeling pretty hopeful though, and despite the fact I really do need money right now… This really does feel like an opportunity worth sacrificing the rest of my overdraft (and living in  near poverty) for just a little longer.

… Just as long as I have enough outfits to last the months placement!

Anyway, fingers crossed. And to everyone else interning, interviewing and applying I salute you! It’s not easy getting out of university and finding your way!

So I celebrated finishing uni by going to Love Saves the Day in Bristol.

It was one of the best music events I’ve been to. Despite the rain, everyone was decked out in their best glitter and hotpants, and the vibe was buzzing.

There was a proper gig vibe in the air, people were dancing in the mud and were even kind enough to let me get to the barrier, because I couldn’t see over the crowds.

There were more stages than I expected, and to be honest it was difficult to decide what was worth seeing most - because most of it wasn’t worth missing!

I will definitely be back next year.

Peace out to all the ravers

So this is the end.

Three years, a lot of hardwork and a hell of a lot more fun to complete, hang and present our end of degree work.

I can honestly say this year has been one of the best of my life so far, and despite all the struggles, worries and difficulties I wouldn’t have changed studying Fine Art for anything. 

Swapping my degree at the last minute (and yes, saying NO to the Russell Group uni I was meant to be going to) really did turn out for the best. I am absolutely terrified for whatever happens next, but I’m also really excited. And as everyone keeps telling me, it will all be worth it in the end!

See you at the show? 

Fine Art Degree Show, Howard Gardens, Cardiff opens Saturday 7th June - Friday 13th June


'Beyond Place'

My second finished piece on display for my end of year Degree Show.

(Oil and mixed media on photo-print on board)

The painting is formed from nine 60cmx50cm boards.

This piece will also be on show at Howard Gardens final Degree Show, opening in Cardiff on Saturday 7th June - Friday 13th June. 

This is my final piece ‘View’ displayed at my end of year degree show at Howards Gardens School of Art, Cardiff.

(Oil paint & mixed media on layered photo-print on board)

The painting is formed by nine 60cmx50cm boards which present the outcome of layer upon layer of paint to obscure and abstract my original photograph of St Mark’s Square in Venice.

The show opens this Saturday 7th June and continues until Friday 13th June. It’s not one to be missed!


Part 5 of my ‘Blue Series’ (St Mark’s Basilica, Version 4)

Oil and mixed media on board


Part 3 of my ‘Blue Series’ (St Mark’s Basilica, Version 4) 

Oil and mixed media on board


Close ups!

Here’s a few of the squares in detail.

Oil paint on printed image.


St Mark’s Square (Version 4) - Oil and mixed media on board x9