Close ups!

Here’s a few of the squares in detail.

Oil paint on printed image.


St Mark’s Square (Version 4) - Oil and mixed media on board x9

Big ideas developing.
Mixed media oil painting on board by ME

Saturday spent painting in the studio


Mixed media oil painting 2


New ideas.

Painting over an image to change the point of interest from the photograph to the materiality of paint.

I used an expressive colourful palette to encourage the viewer to look beyond the intricacies of the photograph to the skyline instead.

I sent off my application to the RCA. (Royal Art College)
The future terrifies me, like I’m in some constant state of limbo, everything is uncertain.
Will I get the grades?
Will I pull off my degree show?
Will I make it to London?
It’s going to be a tense term, but I’m so excited for the future.

Cannot wait for this song to be released - Ella Eyre is gonna be huuuuge!

Also, she has excellent hair.

American Psycho the Musical: Phenomenal.

I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised by this new London hit, I loved it! From start to finish the cast were engaging and convincing; each movement was choreographed to flow fluidly through each scene and Matt Smith proved himself well above expectation.

I’ll start by saying I knew very little about the musical before I turned up. I’d heard positive reviews, and having seen some of Headlong’s previous productions I had high hopes, but I had no idea of who was starring in it, or indeed, if they’d be any good.

The production got off to a rocky start, “A key actor in tonight’s production is stuck in traffic and will be about half an hour, we’re sorry to say we can’t start until they arrive here.”

This announcement was met with the usual sense of bafflement, but was also accentuated by the most obnoxious, hollering, unmistakably seal-like laugh of JIMMY CARR. I subtly peered over my shoulder and lo-and-behold, the man himself was sat behind me. I know it’s foolish to make presumptions based on a celebrity audience, but my expectations for the evenings entertainment suddenly rose tenfold. 

After approximately half an hour the lights thankfully went down, and up rose a topless Matt Smith, from the depths of the underbelly of the stage. Not only was I impressed with his pretty-fine physique, I was blown away by an excellent voice too! Clean vocals, catchy chorus and a cute smile, the late start was instantly forgiven as were thrown into the busy life of downtown Manhattan. Awash with bright electric light and 80’s electro that pulsed through the auditorium; the actors spun and clicked their way through a wonderful presentation of contemporary movement. 

The scenery at first appeared minimalist in accordance with 21st century modernism, but quickly transformed into a highly operational backdrop that flickered and shone due to some fantastically designed light engineering. The pace of the storyline was just right, with enough comedic input from Smith’s onstage brother to keep the audience completely entranced throughout.

Stylish visuals contrasted against the gory attack of each murder made the plot more even more believable, so not even Jimmy’s cackling laugh could shock me out of the trance I was in when the plot-hit twist at the end.

This is a contemporary, artfully rendered new musical that shouldn’t be missed. I happily prove wrong all the American Psycho non-believers and ‘High School’ musical haters; Headlong have hit it on the nail, and this is a production you will want to see again and again.


Wake and Wonder byartist Adrian Esparza is a geometric design formed with Mexican sarape thread.

AAAAAhHHH thread and string, my two favourite things!

(via slowartday)